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01/22/2018 - Market Snapshot: Stocks try to shake off early slump as government shutdown stretches to 3rd day
U.S. stock-market indexes fight to take flight Monday, with investors taking a cautious stance as partial government shutdown stretches in to a third day.
01/22/2018 - NerdWallet: The best thing you can do for the environment will also save you $234,000
You can help save the planet, and add a big chunk to your retirement fund, by having one less child.
01/22/2018 - Why you should worry about identity theft with the new tax law
With the new tax law and IRS budget cuts, there’s an opening for fraud that should be serious cause for alarm.
01/22/2018 - Paul Brandus: More fireworks and drama as Trump’s reality show rolls into its second season
Settling down in year two? There’s little evidence President Trump will do anything more than continue to operate in chaos, writes Paul Brandus
01/22/2018 - CryptoWatch: Bitcoin’s existence is ‘insurance’ against ‘Orwellian future,’ says ‘Black Swan’ author
The professor of risk engineering at New York University and acclaimed author of popular business book Black Swan describes bitcoin as the first “organic currency
01/22/2018 - Bond Report: Treasury yields nudge higher as government shutdown continues
Treasurys saw slight pressure Monday after the government entered the third day of its shutdown, as investors monitored for fresh developments.
01/22/2018 - Alnylam stock more than tripled last year — and the company says 2018 will be big
The company has a number of product launches, clinical trials and expansion plans in the works.
01/22/2018 - Wal-Mart offers customers a new opioid crisis solution: Get rid of old meds safely, at home, for free
Safe medication disposal, though a key facet of the opioid crisis, has been tough to tackle.
01/22/2018 - The longer the shutdown the bigger the risk to the economy
The government shutdown could take a bite out of the economy -- depending on how long it lasts.
01/22/2018 - Capitol Report: Shutdowns likely almost every year, expert says | Trump’s Davos trip in doubt
An expert says to expect government shutdowns almost every year; President Donald Trump’s Davos trip is in doubt; and White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said it was ‘kind of cool’ to be in charge of shutting the government down.
01/22/2018 - Team USA's Olympic uniforms are wearable heaters
Average temperatures in Pyeongchang in February, when the 2018 Winter Olympics open, hover around 23 degrees, and may plunge below that for the opening ceremony. But Team USA will be ready for the cold.
01/22/2018 - IMF: Trump tax cuts will boost global economy
The Trump administration's tax overhaul is the latest piece of good news for the global economy.
01/22/2018 - Women who have children earn 20% less than those who don’t
Is delaying having kids a financial career move?
01/22/2018 - FA Center: This money manager does financial advice work by the books
Educational sessions in public libraries help a financial adviser build his business.
01/22/2018 - Paying off your mortgage could be the smartest investment of 2018
The new tax law makes ridding yourself of debt even savvier, writes Jonathan Clements.
01/22/2018 - Jeff Reeves's Strength in Numbers: These 5 companies are making money from investors’ love affair with stocks
A few investment managers lead the investing revolution, writes Jeff Reeves.
01/22/2018 - Jeff Reeves's Strength in Numbers: Prepare for these 5 tech stocks to move big on earnings
Jeff Reeves says these are the tech earnings reports you want to watch (and it's just FAANG members).
01/22/2018 - Earnings Outlook: Ford earnings: Disappointing outlook, stock weakness among stumbling blocks
Ford to report fourth-quarter results after the bell Wednesday amid stock weakness and weak guidance.
01/22/2018 - Earnings Watch: Netflix earnings: Did price increases send customers packing?
Netflix Inc. is scheduled to report fourth-quarter earnings after the bell on Monday, and analysts will likely scour the books for any insight into how its most recent price increases have impacted growth.
01/22/2018 - IPO Report: Airport retail fixture Hudson is going public: Here are 5 things you need to know
Hudson Ltd., operator of the Hudson “travel essentials” and bookstores found at airports across the U.S. and Canada, set terms for its planned initial public offering on Friday, saying it will sell 34.9 million shares priced at $19 to $21 a pop.