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11/19/2017 - Top Ten: Weekend roundup: Tesla’s big splash | Retail’s opportunity | Eating turkey tails
Here are MarketWatch articles to read this weekend.
11/19/2017 - Deep Dive: Fund manager looks beyond ‘FAANG’ stocks and finds even bigger winners for 2018
Renaissance Investment Management’s Michael Schroer highlights Applied Materials and Lam Research. By Phil van Doorn.
11/19/2017 - Deep Dive: How to avoid the next GE — and find industrial winners of the future
Sales, margins and returns on invested capital tell the story. By Phil van Doorn.
11/19/2017 - Deep Dive: Wal-Mart might finally be a better investment than Amazon
Amazon is steamrolling the retail industry, but old-line Wal-Mart is hitting back — and producing impressive numbers. By Phil van Doorn.
11/19/2017 - 'SNL' takes on Senator -- and former 'SNL' performer -- Al Franken
"Saturday Night Live" took on Senator -- and former SNLer -- Al Franken on Saturday night after a woman said he groped and kissed her without her consent.
11/18/2017 - Trump is delaying decision on importing elephant trophies after outcry
President Donald Trump says he is postponing his administration’s decision to reverse the ban on importing big-game trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia.
11/18/2017 - The Tell: When do markets close for Thanksgiving?
Investors have many things to be thankful for this year: global equities had risen in every single month this year, while every major economy expanded. That’s something to think about when U.S. markets close Thursday for Thanksgiving.
11/18/2017 - U.S. nuclear general says he’d resist any ‘illegal’ strike order from Trump: report
Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, told an audience at a security forum in Nova Scotia that he would resist any nuclear launch request made by President Donald Trump that was deemed to be unlawful, according to CBS News.
11/18/2017 - NewsWatch: Will millennials give housing shares and the broader stock market a boost?
millennials are helping drive a pickup in homeownership rates. Will housing-related stocks benefit?
11/18/2017 - Using the Simpsons to explain how Asian Americans are overlooked
Read full story for latest details.
11/18/2017 - The Wall Street Journal: Jared Kushner’s lawyer is firing back against senators over documents request
An attorney for Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner on Friday said certain documents requested by a Senate committee investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia weren’t relevant to its initial request, disputing the panel’s suggestion that his client hadn’t wholly fulfilled its demand for the material.
11/18/2017 - Beat the System: The reasons Americans give for buying bitcoin show they have no idea what they’re doing
It’s OK to speculate with bitcoin — but at least admit that’s what it is, writes Brett Arends.
11/18/2017 - Market Snapshot: Will millennials give housing shares and the broader stock market a boost?
millennials are helping drive a pickup in homeownership rates. Will housing-related stocks benefit?
11/18/2017 - Black Friday: Your ultimate holiday shopping guide
America's top retailers are gearing up for the biggest shopping weekend of the year.
11/18/2017 - The New York Post: Lena Dunham slammed on Twitter for defending ‘Girls’ writer accused of rape
Social media has unleashed on Lena Dunham for her decision to defend a “Girls” producer accused of rape.
11/18/2017 - Rex Nutting: More Republicans are now saying what they really think about taxes, pedophiles, mass shootings
A few brave Republicans are saying exactly what they think, whether it’s support for pedophiles, mass murderers or raising taxes on the middle class, writes Rex Nutting.
11/18/2017 - Got $1 million to retire? Here’s how long it will last, by U.S. state
This is exactly how far $1 million goes in retirement in every U.S. state.
11/18/2017 - Outside the Box: You need millions to retire — and more misconceptions about retirement savings
Avoid these mistakes in thinking if you want to maximize your freedom, comfort, and peace of mind in retirement.
11/18/2017 - Grow: It’s not too late to fix the financial mistakes you’ve made this year
Finish the year strong and set yourself up for 2018 by checking these money tasks off your list.
11/18/2017 - The Margin: 10 ‘unexpected’ bargains at Costco
A virtual lovefest erupted in Reddit’s “Frugal” message board this week after a contributor known as yellowraincoat said she pocketed some “unexpected” savings when she finally decided to give a Costco membership a whirl.