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09/22/2017 - ‘Dotard’ — and 10 less obvious things you should never say to a colleague
Kim Jong Un and President Trump are locked in a war of words.
09/22/2017 - NewsWatch: Secret to Trump’s success? It’s not racism; it’s the economy, stupid
If Democrats continue to deny the economic roots of Donald Trump’s appeal, they are guaranteeing his victory in 2020, writes Darrell Delamaide.
09/22/2017 - Finance chiefs are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the future
Deloitte’s third-quarter survey of CFOs finds them worried about the paralysis in Washington, D.C. and the growing tensions with North Korea.
09/22/2017 - London says it won't renew Uber's license
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09/22/2017 - Moneyism: Searches for ‘dotard’ are soaring — meet the woman behind Merriam-Webster’s viral tweets
How Lauren Naturale has dealt with the hottest and most controversial words over the past year.
09/22/2017 - Londoners react to 'bombshell' Uber ban
London's decision to deny Uber a license has produced howls of protest from jilted fans and wild cheers from critics.
09/22/2017 - It’s the first day of fall! Meet the exotic flavors that could steal pumpkin spice’s spotlight
There’s been a bump in demand for chiles, curries and a slew of international flavors.
09/22/2017 - The Tell: Man who called S&P 500 to hit 2,500, says don’t bet against this stock market
A prominent equity bull Laszlo Birinyi, who accurately forecast that the S&P 500 would hit 2,500 by September, thinks the stock market has more room to run before 2017 is over.
09/22/2017 - Metals Stocks: Gold tilts higher on North Korea’s threat, but on track for second weekly decline
Gold prices rise on Friday, finding support from heightened tension pegged to North Korea, but is on pace to record a second weekly decline in a row.
09/22/2017 - Beat the System: London’s Uber ban isn’t about safety, it’s about protecting unions
Banning Uber in London isn’t about protecting the public, but about protecting cushy jobs in the taxi and transit industry, writes Brett Arends.
09/22/2017 - Airlines charged passengers a record number of extra fees last year
Ryanair became the latest airline to tighten up free baggage policies last week.
09/22/2017 - The German economy has a weak link: Infrastructure
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09/22/2017 - London Markets: FTSE 100 pivots higher as pound weakens after May’s Brexit speech
U.K. stocks reverse course and rally on Friday after Prime Minister Theresa May fails to instill confidence about the continuing Brexit talks at a speech in Florence, sparking weakness in sterling.
09/22/2017 - Key Words: London’s Uber decision unjustified, says Wilbur Ross
Count U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross among the critics of the decision to not renew Uber’s license to operate in London.
09/22/2017 - This stock market rally is on thin ice
Seasonal weakness is upon us, says Simon Maierhofer.
09/22/2017 - ‘We’re a queer ‘Game of Thrones!’’ How ‘Transparent’ became Amazon’s longest-running series
Genre-bending show is resolutely anti-Trump and pro-gender fluidity
09/22/2017 - How binge-drinking in college could affect the rest of your life
Research looks at the impact of alcohol on finding and keeping a job.
09/22/2017 - In one perhaps sexist way, marriage finances have not changed in 50 years
Who should support a family financially — the husband or the wife?
09/22/2017 - Market Snapshot: Stocks shrug off latest North Korea threat; Dow on track for 2nd weekly gain
U.S. stocks were little changed on Friday, as investors shrugged off the latest bout of geopolitical uncertainty to focus on a market that, while considered expensive, is still considered one of the best values in the global economy.
09/22/2017 - The Fed: Fed’s Williams says ‘normal’ interest rate around 2.5%
The longer-run neutral interest rate is now around 2.5%, said San Francisco Fed President John Williams on Friday.