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07/28/2017 - The Sniff Test: Foxconn’s history of broken promises casts a shadow on Wisconsin news
News that the iPhone maker will open a plant in Wisconsin was much ballyhooed late Wednesday, but not everyone is cheering.
07/28/2017 - Goodyear stock stumbles 11% after quarter ‘played out differently than we expected’
Shares of Goodyear are on pace for their lowest close in six months after company cut its outlook.
07/28/2017 - The Wall Street Journal: This city’s subway system will soon run mostly on renewable energy
By next year, most of the energy for Santiago’s system, which carries 2.4 million passengers a day, will come from desert wind and sun.
07/28/2017 - The Wall Street Journal: Which state’s 529 plan is right for you?
In some ways, deciding which state’s plan is best for you is like picking mutual funds for a retirement account.
07/28/2017 - The Wall Street Journal: Why so many teens are clueless about money
Their need for financial knowledge is more urgent than ever, but they don’t have the savvy to manage the responsibilities awaiting them.
07/28/2017 - The Wall Street Journal: Here’s something that can improve your memory — and help you sleep
An experimental technology that enhances sleep could present a breakthrough for older people suffering memory loss.
07/28/2017 - Venezuela's hyperinflation is jaw-dropping. See for yourself
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07/28/2017 - How your pet could make you a target for scammers
Microchipping will help you find a lost pet, but can possibly expose you to identity theft.
07/28/2017 - Futures Movers: Oil sets sights on biggest weekly gain of the year
Oil readies for a weekly gain of more than 8%, which would be the largest such rise since early December, with prices getting a lift from renewed production-curb commitments from OPEC members as well as uncertainty in Venezuela.
07/28/2017 - Market Extra: Can China make the reflation trade great again?
A surge in industrial metals prices and the Australian dollar is stoking hopes China can reinvigorate the so-called reflation trade.
07/28/2017 - Austin pulls Ford Explorers from police fleet after cops got sick from carbon monoxide
The city of Austin, Texas, is pulling the Ford Explorer from its police fleet after detecting potentially dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the vehicles.
07/28/2017 - The Ratings Game: Get ready for the less-profitable Amazon that you used to know
Investors faithful to Amazon may want to ratchet down their expectations after Amazon reported a 77% drop in earnings.
07/28/2017 - Four huge airlines on three continents are creating a virtual super-airline
Four huge airlines on three continents want to create a virtual super-airline. They plan to spend more than $1 billion to do it.
07/28/2017 - Wells Fargo may have forced 570,000 customers into unneeded auto insurance
Wells Fargo is trying to fix its battered reputation. The latest scandal won't help.
07/28/2017 - Treasury ends the myRA, Obama's retirement savings program
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07/28/2017 - London Markets: FTSE 100 closes sharply lower in tobacco-led stock rout
U.K. stocks tumble Friday, with shares of British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands hit hard after a U.S. regulatory decision about the tobacco industry.
07/28/2017 - Here’s how much you should spend on a yoga mat (and why you should always use your own)
A $7 yoga mat could play havoc with your cobra pose.
07/28/2017 - How to bank, save and invest in a socially responsible way
You work hard to be socially conscious. But what about your money?
07/28/2017 - FA Center: How advisers can fight the ‘crisis of trust’ in financial services
For financial advisers, trust is a critical strategic asset.
07/28/2017 - Commodities Corner: How Venezuela chaos could spark oil rally OPEC has failed to achieve
Political and economic turmoil in Venezuela could fuel a rise in oil prices—something the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, despite it’s efforts to cut back production, hasn’t been able to do.